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Ketchum House History

Mary and Anthony Ketchum finished their sustainable summer home in 1998 after a two-year build led by Toronto-based sustainable Architect, Greg Allen. The Ketchum’s enjoyed their sustainable home, adopting the lifestyle entirely and for 20 years the Ketchum's welcomed visitors and conducted annual Earth Day tours.

The Ketchum’s house won top honors in the annual design competition of the Sustainable Energy Association of the North-East U.S.A. and Canada during their ownership.

Bill Dandie and the Ketchums

When the house was sold to Bill Dandie in June 2019, the Ketchum's wanted to be sure that the house would go to someone who would value their sustainable way-of-life and carry on the eco-traditions of their legacy.


Little did they know that the buyer of what we now know as Ketchum House would be an eco-warrior and sustainable lifestyle advocate.

Bill Dandie is a sustainable living advocate and the proud owner of Ketchum House after purchasing the property in June 2019 from the original owners, Mary and Anthony Ketchum.

As the owner of two global companies, Bill has spent a great deal of time traveling the globe. During his travels, Bill saw first-hand some of the effects that decades of mistreatment towards the planet were having. What Bill saw was that the planet is sick and our home needs to heal.


Bill is devoting his life to use Ketchum House as a beacon of hope, with a plan to create a strong association of environmental leaders, guardians, and active participants who are prepared to make a difference and spread this important message amidst their communities.

Bill Dandie Butt Challenge
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