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About Ketchum House

At Ketchum House, we cater to people who are ready to take a step towards positive change in preserving our planet. When you stay at Ketchum House, you’re not only enjoying a unique experience in an eco-home that is completely off-the-grid. You walk away with a new perspective, one that puts our planet’s prosperous future top-of-mind. The shift that may occur after staying at Ketchum House could be small changes in your day-to-day life such as using a reusable mug, but we hope it's BIG. We want to inspire you to make leaps towards living a fully sustainable lifestyle and being an advocate for our planet’s preservation. Regardless of the life you choose to live when you leave Ketchum House, we are here as a lifelong resource for all-things sustainable.

Community Garden

Our mission has been to inspire sustainable living through experience, education, and support. Ketchum House aims to create a movement towards giving back to our planet by making small changes day-by-day that amount to a positive impact over a lifetime.

Our vision is to facilitate a movement of people from all over the world to sign a 1 year earth lease agreements with the planet. These agreements will in turn foster change in people’s lifestyles and shift their perspective towards protecting and preserving our planet. 

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