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Whether you choose to feel the energy at Ketchum House through an Airbnb stay or opt for a guided tour, both options promise unique experiences that tap into the essence of this transformative space.

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Airbnb and Ketchum House

Imagine waking up within the walls of Ketchum House, surrounded by the echoes of its rich history and the forward-thinking energy instilled by your host. Booking an Airbnb stay offers an immersive experience, allowing you to become a temporary resident of this beacon of change.

As an Airbnb guest, you have the opportunity to not just witness but live amidst the conscious vibes that permeate Ketchum House. The carefully curated spaces, infused with sustainable touches and mindful design, provide a glimpse into the values of the new age of Aquarius. You can absorb the transformative energy at your own pace, embracing the tranquility of the gardens or delving into a book in the eco-friendly living spaces.

A glowing reputation with over 1300 reviews and an impressive 4.96 rating on Airbnb is undoubtedly a testament to the exceptional experiences offered by the host. Such high praise from a multitude of guests speaks volumes about the quality of the accommodation and the overall hosting experience.

Guided Tour of Ketchum House

On the other hand, opting for a guided tour opens the door to a curated exploration of Ketchum House. Led by knowledgeable guides well-versed in the history and vision behind the transformation, you'll gain insights that go beyond the physical structure.


These tours often include in-depth discussions on the eco-mechanics workshops, the seminars held, and the societal impact of the new age philosophies.

Guided tours offer a more structured experience, allowing you to interact with the stories embedded in each room and corridor. You might have the chance to participate in a workshop, engage in discussions on sustainability, and feel the collective energy that has been cultivated within Ketchum House.

Whether you choose an Airbnb stay or a guided tour ultimately depends on your preference for depth of engagement. The Airbnb option provides a more personal, extended experience, allowing you to absorb the energy over an extended period.


On the other hand, a guided tour offers a concentrated dose of knowledge and insight, ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Ketchum House in a shorter timeframe.

Mary and Anthony Ketchum

Stewards of the property


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