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Visit Ketchum House

Nestled in the Hockley Valley Hills hidden amidst surrounding manicured country estates is a wild child, the off-the-grid Ketchum House. Covered in vines and surrounded by plants native to the area, this property is so much more than a house. It’s an eco-living destination. 


Come experience the astounding sustainable features of Ketchum House. We welcome you to stay and learn about the functionality and benefits of our off-the-grid lifestyle.


Book a Tour or Stay at Ketchum House.

Click through the images below to see a few of the unique features our property has!

During your time at Ketchum House, we encourage you to sit in one of our bright red Muskoka chairs made from hundreds of recycled milk jugs and learn about how you too can incorporate some of these sustainable principles in your everyday life upon your return home.

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