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In 2021, Let’s Make Earth Day Actionable!

We’d like to introduce our new website and Earth Lease!

What does Earth Day mean to you? Is it just another day on the calendar that comes and goes with little thought and no action?

If the ongoing pandemic has taught us anything, it’s been a lesson in gratitude for so much that we lost, and that anything can happen.

Consider for a moment and reflect that the climate is changing and weather patterns are becoming more severe.

Droughts causing forest fires occupy one side of the planet and on the other, intense rains creating devastating floods.

The time is now to take action as more floods and fires lead to less food production capacity, shortages and unrest.

On Earth Day 2021, let us all make the biggest commitment ever and pay rent!

We have paid rent to landlords and mortgage installments to banks but never a cent of rent to the planet we live on.

The team at Ketchum House has crafted a way to live responsibility on the Earth through committing to a series of conscious choices and a 15 year lease.

Why 15 years? It will take this amount of time and serious dedication to restore the balance society has interrupted.

Today, please review, sign and practice the conditions of the Earth Lease. You will be assigned a number based on your adoption time so the earlier you sign up the lower and cooler the number!

We’d also like to recognize Mary and Anthony Ketchum on this special day. For over 20 years this couple opened their off-grid home for Earth Day Tours and welcomed over 1,400 visitors during that time!

Thank you Mary and Anthony!

Mary, Bill and Anthony [2019]

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