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On the Trail


We are the tenants and the planet, the landlord.

The team at Ketchum House provides our guests with the tools, resources, and education needed to align a way of life with the intent of protecting and preserving our environment here on earth. The planet that we call home has served us, but it’s now time we serve it.


We have been given the earth to grow, water to drink, and air to breathe. What have we given it in return? Many of us have taken it for granted and it’s time to come clean. We have a way that you can make things right with mother earth, and here’s how!

We believe in the concept of an annual Earth Lease, essentially a way to make right the damage that’s been done to our planet without a tenant agreement. Why one year? It's just the right amount of time to re-train human behavior, our thought process, and our entire perspective. Day-by-day, throughout the course of the Earth Lease agreement you sign with our planet small and big positive changes will occur.


Maybe it’s composting more or not buying fast fashion, or perhaps educating other family members or loved ones. These changes, over time, give back to the soil, the air, and the water we’ve enjoyed on this planet.

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