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15-Year Lease Agreement


By completing this form, you agree to be a responsible and connected citizen for a period of 15-years from the completion date of this agreement with the Earth. 

This 15-Year Earth Lease (“the Agreement”) is executed today and received as a PDF between Our Home, Our Earth (the "Lessor"), and You (the "Lessee").

Please select from the clauses below your payment and commitment for the next 15-years.

* Required

Personal Care

Governing Law

This Lease Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the Universe.

Entire Agreement

This document contains the entire agreement of the parties. 


In Witness Whereof, the parties hereby execute and agree to the terms and conditions of this Lease Agreement on the date first set out above.

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Thank you!

Your commitment to the preservation and protection of our planet is deeply appreciated.

We are here as a guide and resource for you throughout your sustainability journey!

Download a copy of the 15-Year Lease Agreement


Our Home, Our Earth

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