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Welcome to Ketchum House

an eco-education centre for sustainable living set in the hills of Hockley, Ontario

Image by Noah Buscher

Since 1998 we have inspired others to make leaps towards living a fully sustainable lifestyle and being an advocate for our planet’s preservation.

The planet we call home has served us, but now it's time we serve it.

Waste Management

Zero Waste

At every turn, there is an opportunity to reduce waste. The journey towards sustainability, however, reaches further than making the right decisions for you as an individual and extends to sharing this knowledge within your community. 

Bamboo Toothbrush and Case


Ketchum House’s line of products promotes zero waste and/or are biodegradable. It’s important to conduct the proper research before investing your hard-earned dollars in sustainable products. Always read your labels!

Net Bag and Glass Jars

Zero Plastic

Try to avoid forgetting your reusable mug or bag before an outing. Place a small chalkboard by your door with a reminder, or use a daily reminder on your smartphone to help create a system that is fool-proof. The goal should be zero single-use plastic. 

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