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Welcome to Ketchum House, where the journey towards eco-education converges seamlessly with the essence of oneness. As you step into this vibrant space, the air is charged with a palpable sense of harmony between humanity and the environment.

Ketchum House is not merely a physical space but a transformative journey, a haven where the pursuit of eco-consciousness seamlessly intertwines with the quest for oneness with the world around us.

Entry and front foyer

Choose bamboo over plastic products #dooyoobamboo

Pick up trash while walking or hiking


When departing for the day bring a bag outfitted with a take away container, utensils, travel mug and a straw

When entering Ketchum you open a reclaimed door and set foot in the foyer.  In a whimsical twist of synchronicity, every clock on the Ketchum House property is intentionally set to 4:20. This seemingly peculiar choice stems from a delightful combination of factors.


Firstly, the estate spans precisely 4.2 acres, a clever nod to the numerical harmony that permeates the property. Adding to the charm, the current owner's date of birth happens to be April 20th, giving a personal touch to the synchronized timekeeping.

Living and entertainment

The TV and DVD's are dump diverted

A repurposed bed sheet is attached to the ceiling, drops down and becomes the"Big Screen"


A small screen projector replaces a large amount of plastic, electronics and glass

In the era of on-demand content, the landscape of entertainment has undergone a profound transformation. Gone are the days when we had to take a deliberate action, physically inserting a DVD into a player and pressing play to access our desired shows or movies. The tactile engagement of handling physical media has been replaced by the seamless immediacy of digital streaming services.


While the convenience of on-demand content is undeniable, there's a nostalgic sentiment for the tangible ritual of selecting a movie, the clatter of a disc in its tray, and the anticipation as we pushed play. 

Fires, floods and Us

Blue, red and green dots

The brick walls retain heat​


Test local environments regularly - your blood pressure and immediate air quality

Gaze upon the world map, a vivid tapestry of interconnected nations and landscapes, a stark narrative unfolds through the visual language of nature's extremes. The once-static representation of continents and oceans now pulses with dynamic hues. Blue dots, like tears of the Earth, mark the relentless advance of floods, weaving a watery network that transcends borders. In tandem, the fiery red dots tell a tale of destruction as wildfires rage and spread, leaving scarlet trails across the canvas of our planet.

Ketchum House has adopted a unique approach to interior design, using colors to symbolize different aspects of environmental challenges and solutions. The blue and red decor may represent the increasing threats of fires and floods on our planet, while the green area focuses on positive changes that can be made. The analogy of dots, with green dots symbolizing individuals or actions contributing to positive change, suggests an optimistic perspective that these efforts can eventually outweigh the negative impacts represented by the red and blue dots.

Water systems

Water is collected on two flat roofs and stored in a 9,000 litre tank

The canna lilies filter most of the grey water toxins #marysfavorite​


Booster Juice's plant based straw eco claims was tested

At Ketchum House, a remarkable fusion of sustainable living and modern technology unfolds through innovative water systems. The house's design incorporates a harmonious cycle that captures rainwater, harnesses solar heat to warm it, and efficiently pumps the water through a thoughtful filtration process.


The grey water, now cleansed and rejuvenated, finds its way back into the natural environment, completing a seamless loop of ecological responsibility. As you stand beneath the cascading warmth of the shower, there is a profound sense of connection to Mother Earth. The simple act of cleansing becomes a ritual, a moment of communion with the planet's natural rhythms. In the gentle flow of water, you sense the interconnectedness of your actions with the environment, a reminder that sustainability is not just a concept but a tangible experience woven into the fabric of daily life at Ketchum House.

Wood heat

The pipe, at the rear heats water in the winter

The furnace emits heats 24 hrs after use


The wood oven cooks at over 400 C

At the heart of Ketchum House, a robust 7-tonnes masonry furnace stands as a testament to the integration of traditional warmth and modern sustainability. Fueled by wood, this formidable furnace not only radiates heat throughout the two-story residence but also serves as a versatile energy source for multiple household needs. The crackling flames not only provide a cozy ambiance but also generate hot water for daily use, embracing an eco-friendly approach to meeting the household's heating and sanitation needs.


Additionally, the same heat dances beneath pots and pans, transforming the kitchen into a hub of culinary creativity as they cook meals with the timeless warmth of a wood-fired stove. In this harmonious marriage of past and present, the furnace at Ketchum House embodies a holistic approach to sustainable living, where the simple act of heating a home becomes a celebration of efficiency and environmental consciousness.


Test your water regularly and trust it


Choose reusable wrap


Visit your local Refillery or Bulk Barn

The Ketchum kitchen, seamlessly blends modern convenience with eco-conscious design. Equipped with a microwave and toaster oven, the solar system was updated in 2021 to enhance efficiency and to keep pace with contemporary energy needs.


The commitment to sustainability extends to the refrigerator, which operates on DC power, consuming a remarkably low 55 watts of energy—equivalent to less than a standard 60-watt light bulb. In the spirit of minimizing environmental impact, meal preparation is accomplished through the use of propane or wood, embracing time-tested methods that align with the house's dedication to eco-friendly living. 

Main floor bathroom

Toss the tube for toothpaste tablets

Choose a bar of soap or refill 

Bamboo over plastic

Old school heavy metal razor 

Choosing toothpaste tablets over traditional tubes is an environmentally conscious decision that significantly contributes to waste reduction. Toothpaste tablets typically come in minimalistic, compostable packaging, eliminating the need for the conventional plastic tubes that often end up in landfills.


Similarly, opting for a bar of soap or refillable containers instead of purchasing new plastic soap dispensers with every refill is another commendable choice.

Main floor

Reconnect with yourself

Reconnect to Mother Earth


Leave recharged and enlightened

Indulge in a unique and rejuvenating experience by booking a stay at Ketchum House, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating energy of Mother Earth. The house offers a tranquil retreat that allows you to connect with nature and recharge your spirit.


Whether you're seeking a peaceful escape or a mindful getaway, this haven provides a harmonious blend of comfort and eco-conscious living. Don't miss the chance to be enveloped by the soothing ambiance and embrace the positive vibes that come from being in tune with the Earth. Seize the opportunity to book your stay at Ketchum House now and embark on a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with the energy of the natural world.

Hot water

The sun heats the copper pipe surrounded with aluminium wings above

Hot water naturally rises to the

tank installed on the second floor

Greg Allen, the visionary eco-architect behind the design of Ketchum House, implemented an innovative and sustainable approach to heating water within the residence.


Embracing the power of solar energy, Allen incorporated a thermal solar system that harnesses the sun's warmth to heat water efficiently. Copper pipes, strategically positioned to capture solar radiation, serve as conduits for the sun's energy to warm the water.  The heated water is thoughtfully stored in a tank located on the second floor, ensuring a consistent and eco-conscious supply for the household's needs. 

Heading upstairs

Reclaimed runners, steps and spindles

Sam the Recordman's hand

once touched the railing

Reclaimed building products offer a unique and sustainable approach to construction, embodying a rich history and adding character to new structures.


Take, for example, the stairs in the Ketchum House, which were once an integral part of Sam Sniderman's home, renowned for his role in founding Sam the Record Man. These reclaimed stairs not only serve a functional purpose but also carry a cultural and historical significance.


By repurposing materials from iconic locations, we not only contribute to reducing waste but also weave the stories of the past into the fabric of contemporary architecture. Embracing reclaimed building products not only showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility but also allows us to cherish and celebrate the memories embedded in these materials, turning every structure into a testament to both sustainability and heritage.


As heat rises the hot water tank is on the second floor

The heat from the furnace pipe naturally drys clothing #tonysdryingcloset

Through an upgraded

solar system we now run AC

During my time working on the Ketchum House eco education project, a serendipitous moment unfolded at a second-hand store that left me contemplating the mysterious ways life communicates with us.


As I perused the aisles, a striking blue dress shirt in its original packaging caught my eye. In a moment of intuition, I realized it was not just any shirt; it was my exact neck size and arm length. Priced at a mere $10 dollars, I couldn't help but express my disbelief to the cashier, remarking that such a fine shirt seemed remarkably inexpensive. The clerk, curious, checked the original price tag, revealing a staggering $195.


I took the shirt home, and now it stands as a permanent fixture in the Ketchum House tour—a tangible reminder to have faith in the subtle signs that guide us, even in the most unexpected places."

Upper bathroom

Compost toilets use no water #dealwithyourownshit

Use a hand towel instead

of a bathroom when drying

Gratitude for Jeff and Loreto's

help on the renovation

The pinnacle of the Ketchum House experience lies in the simple yet profound act of taking a shower. This seemingly ordinary daily ritual transforms into an extraordinary eco-friendly affair within the walls of this innovative residence.


Rainwater, artfully collected on two flat roofs, becomes the primary source for this refreshing endeavor. Guided by sustainable principles, the water is then heated through a combination of solar energy and wood, epitomizing the fusion of modern technology and traditional practices. The journey of this water continues with a solar-powered pumping system, seamlessly aligning with the house's commitment to renewable energy. The sustainability loop is completed as the water undergoes a natural treatment process in greywater tanks and a canna lily garden, effectively purifying it and removing toxins.


The shower experience at Ketchum House, therefore, becomes a harmonious dance with nature, showcasing the beauty of ecological design and responsible living.

Utility room

Two inverters power the house by solar and the energy stored in batteries

Waste water travels through a nylon and filters food and other particles

The compost toilets and water system

Initially, when Anthony Ketchum, the original steward, elucidated the intricacies of the Ketchum House's original systems, I found myself overwhelmed by the complexity of living off-grid. The intricate balance of sustainable technologies and eco-conscious practices seemed like a daunting puzzle.


However, as I settled into my role as the new caretaker of this remarkable abode, a transformative journey unfolded. Learning to navigate the systems, from solar energy to rainwater harvesting, brought about a profound sense of understanding and connection. Now, with each passing day, I find peace and fulfillment in the unique rhythm of off-grid living at Ketchum House.


The once-daunting systems have become a source of harmony, and I have come to love the symbiotic relationship between technology, nature, and the simple joys of sustainable living.

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